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and it derived from a detailed observation of nature. Nature does not know waste, in fact all kinds of material will be used again in a cycle as a raw material after use. Equally, products in our society can be re-used either

  • into a cycle as nutrients in nature


  • into technical circulation as raw materials


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Material Health Certificate Gold – Textile Chemicals / Dyeing Auxiliaries

Textile Dyes - Material Health Assessment


TEXTILCOLOR amongst others engaged in a project funded by the region of Vorarlberg (Austria) which developed a range of products meeting the requirements of the C2C principle. Out of the rating sequence „Basic – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum“ all products listed below are suitable to enable the rating „Gold“ for the end product created with them.


Textile Auxiliaries

  • Alvirol AGK

Environmentally sequestring Agent for pretreatment-, bleaching- and dyeing processes, free of Phosphorus

  • Alvirol ECK
Particularly effective Sequestring agent to eliminate interfering hardening salts and heavy metall ions in pretreatment-
and dyeing processes, independent of temperature- and pH-effect
  • Alviron GPL 

Very good, concentrated migrating, levelling and dispersing agent with diffusion accelerating action for the dyeing
of polyester under HT conditions 

  • Alviron W

Versatile applicable levelling and dispersing agent

  • Lavan CBW

Low-foaming washing- and spotting Agent for all kind of fibres

  • Lavan NH

Solvent containing washing agent with very good washing and emulsifying action

  • Malbol N

Finishing agent to improve handle, surface smoothness, abrasion resistance and sewability of goods

  • Olistop OGD

Special product preventing crystal growth of Oligomers occuring durring acidic dyeing of Polyester

  • Seventin PEF flüssig

Liquid fibre protecting agent against oxidative damage of polyamide and Elastan

  • Sevocon AM

Padding auxiliary to prevent dye migration in intermediate drying of fabrics made of synthetic and cellulose fibers,
as well as their blends

  • Sevofast KSA

Auxiliary to improve anti-slip properties, the resistance to laddering and the seam slippage - anionic

  • Sevofast KSK

Auxiliary to improve anti-slip properties, the resistance to laddering and the seam slippage - cationic

  • Sevofix NHP

After treatment agent for polyamide and wool fibres to obtain very high wet and wash fastness

  • Sevofix NOF

Highly effective aftertreatment agent to increase the wetfastness of direct- and reactive dyed Cellulosics

  • Softycon ASH

Hydrophilic, alkaline stable silicone microemulsion for very soft handle and good wrinkle recovery, for goods
with inner smoothness

  • Softycon HGS

Concentrated, hydrophilic and alkali resistant silicon softener with very soft, elastic handle

  • TC-Dispergator BL

Dyeing auxiliary with good dispersing action

  • TC-Dispergator BL 200%

Concentrated version of TC-Dispergator BL

  • TC-Kantensteife BS

Special product for selvege glueing

  • TC-Puffer PFS

Buffer system for stabilising the pH value in acidic to neutral range, especially for Polyester dyeings

  • TC-Reaktant P/NF

Formaldehyde free resin for easy-care-finishing on Cellulose fibers and it's blends

  • TC-Verdicker AMV
Preparation of naturally occuring polymer with middle viscosity for printing Reactive dyes on Cellulosics
  • TC-Verdicker AMVB
Optimised preparation of naturally occuring polymer with middle viscosity for printing Reactive dyes on Cellulosics
  • TC-Verdicker PES

Preperation of polymers with low to middle viscosity especially used in printing on Polyester

  • Tecovin FGA

Special yarn application, applicable in the dyeing bath


Textile Dyestuffs


Tecocet BD and Tecocet BD-CAR

Our C2C dispersion dyes (Tecocet BD and Tecocet BD-CAR) are strong dyes with excellent sublimation, washing and fastness properties. The following Tecocet dyes can be used in all common dyeing methods as well as for printing.

  • Tecocet Brill. Yellow BD
  • Tecocet Rubine BD
  • Tecocet Violet BD
  • Tecocet Blue BD
  • Tecocet Turquoise BD
  • Tecocet Black BD
  • Tecocet Yellow BD-CAR
  • Tecocet Orange BD-CAR
  • Tecocet Red BD-CAR


Tecothren BD

Selected vat dyes from our range meet the requirements of the guidelines of C2C certification. Our Tecothren dyes offer the best light and wash fastness that can be achieved and the Tecothren dyes can be used in all dyeing processes.

  • Tecothren Brill. Orange BD
  • Tecothren Scarlet BD
  • Tecothren Red BD
  • Tecothren Brill. Green BD
  • Tecothren Olive Green BD


Tecofix BD

Selected reactive dyes which are suitable for all dyeing processes including reactive 1-phase printing. Due to their very good performance we exceed the requirements of our customers and achieve the best overall fastness.

  • Tecofix Brill. Yellow BD
  • Tecofix Yellow BD
  • Tecofix Brill. Red BD
  • Tecofix Carmine BD
  • Tecofix Brill. Blue BD