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Material Health Certificate Gold – Textile Chemicals / Dyeing Auxiliaries


TEXTILCOLOR amongst others engaged in a project funded by the region of Vorarlberg (Austria) which developed a range of products meeting the requirements of the C2C principle. Out of the rating sequence "Basic - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum" all products listed below are suitable to enable the rating "Gold" for the end product created with them.


Textile Auxiliaries


Alvirol AGK

Environmentally sequestring Agent for pretreatment-, bleaching- and dyeing processes, free of Phosphorus

Alviron GBU

Skin-friendly and environmentally compatible special product for the pretreatment, bleaching and dyeing of cellulosic articles. Good wetting, washing, dispersing and leveling properties, is crease preventing and low foaming (suitable for Jet). Has a stabilizing effect on hydrogen peroxide in discontinuous bleaching of cellulosic fibers and moisturizing during treatments on woolen fibers. Furthermore, this product is a key component for ECOthren and ECOfix fast dyeing processes.

Alvirol ECK

Particularly effective Sequestring agent to eliminate interfering hardening salts and heavy metall ions in pretreatment-
and dyeing processes, independent of temperature- and pH-effect

Alviron GPL 

Very good, concentrated migrating, levelling and dispersing agent with diffusion accelerating action for the dyeing
of polyester under HT conditions

Alviron W

Versatile applicable levelling and dispersing agent

Lavan CBW

Low-foaming washing- and spotting Agent for all kind of fibres

Lavan NH

Solvent containing washing agent with very good washing and emulsifying action

Malbol N

Finishing agent to improve handle, surface smoothness, abrasion resistance and sewability of goods

Olistop OGD

Special product preventing crystal growth of Oligomers occuring durring acidic dyeing of Polyester

Oxidex 500

Special product to destroy peroxyd residues,  suitable for all processes
Oxidol KR Particularly mild and versatile oxidizing agent for gentle treatment in printing processes.

Seventin PEF flüssig

Liquid fibre protecting agent against oxidative damage of polyamide and Elastan

Sevocomb CLY-BC

Versatile combination product with a wide range of applications, high effectiveness and efficiency. Suitable for the continuous and discontinuous treatment of cellulosic fibers, as wells as blends of cellulosic with synthetics. Especially for materials with included elastane.

Sevocon AM

Padding auxiliary to prevent dye migration in intermediate drying of fabrics made of synthetic and cellulose fibers,
as well as their blends

Sevofast KSA

Auxiliary to improve anti-slip properties, the resistance to laddering and the seam slippage - anionic

Sevofast KSK

Auxiliary to improve anti-slip properties, the resistance to laddering and the seam slippage - cationic

Sevofix NHP

After treatment agent for polyamide and wool fibres to obtain very high wet and wash fastness

Sevofix NOF

Highly effective aftertreatment agent to increase the wetfastness of direct- and reactive dyed Cellulosics

Sevozym ATS
Effective desizing agent for the complete and gentle removal of sizes based on starch and starch derivatives,
with optimum effectiveness in the range of 40 - 100°C, in a slightly acidic pH range.

Softycon ASH

Hydrophilic, alkaline stable silicone microemulsion for very soft handle and good wrinkle recovery, for goods
with inner smoothness

Softycon ASH-Z

Hydrophilic, alkaline stable silicone microemulsion for very soft handle and good wrinkle recovery, for goods
with inner smoothness, specifically purified of D4, D5, D6 cyclic Siloxanes

Softycon C2C

Alkaline stable silicone microemulsion for very soft, elastic articles, gives the product a hydrophilic effect, specifically purified of D4, D5, D6 cyclic Siloxanes, certified according to Cradle to Cradle Gold-standard

Softycon HGS

Concentrated, hydrophilic and alkali resistant silicon softener with very soft, elastic handle

Softycon N

Softening agent for Cellulose-, Polyamide- and Polyesterfibers, hydrophilic, resistant to yellowing and not steam volatile, applicable in resin finishes, combinable with optical brightening agents

TC-Binder HWK

Binder for Pigment dyeing and printing with a soft handle

TC-Dispergator BL

Dyeing auxiliary with good dispersing action

TC-Dispergator BL 200%

Concentrated version of TC-Dispergator BL

TC-Entschäumer 61 Defoamer for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing liquors.

TC-Fix and Wash RF

Special product for fixing and soaping of reactive dyeings on cellulose fibers; increases dye yield and removes unfixed Dyes and hydrolyzate 
while soaping, resulting in excellent fastness properties.

TC-Fixing Agent SGM

Ready-to-use printing paste for brillant and shiny effects. The prints have good fastness properties and are very elastic on woven and knitted fabrics.

TC-Kantensteife BS

Special product for selvege glueing

TC-Puffer PFS

Buffer system for stabilising the pH value in acidic to neutral range, especially for Polyester dyeings

TC-Reaktant P/NF

Formaldehyde free resin for easy-care-finishing on Cellulose fibers and it's blends

TC-Säurespender SWP

Highly effective acid donor for dyeing polyamide and wool continous application and fast running jet machines

TC-Schnellnetzer NRW

Low foaming, high concentrated wetting agent with good washing properties, especially suitable for
continous application and fast running jet machines

TC-Stabilisator 600

Tenside-free Stabilizer for the peroxyde bleaching, useable in all discontinue, semi-continue and continue processes

TC-Thickener HCS

Synthetic thickener with high effectiveness. Especially for use in pigment printing.

TC-Verdicker AMVB

Optimised preparation of naturally occuring polymer with middle viscosity for printing Reactive dyes on Cellulosics

TC-Verdicker ANMVK

Preparation of a low to medium viscosity naturally occuring polymer for printing Reactive dyes on Cellulosics

TC-Verdicker PES

Preperation of polymers with low to middle viscosity especially used in printing on Polyester

Tecosil N 1029

Transparent Silicone rubber with outstanding mechanical properties

Tecovin FGA Special yarn application, applicable in the dyeing bath

Textile Dyestuffs and Pigments


Tecofix BD

Selected reactive dyes which are suitable for all dyeing processes including reactive 1-phase printing. Due to their very good performance we exceed the requirements of our customers and achieve the best overall fastness.

  • Tecofix Brill. Yellow BD
  • Tecofix Yellow BD
  • Tecofix Carmine BD
  • Tecofix Brill. Blue BD
  • Tecofix Deep Black BD


Tecoprint BD

Aqueous organic pigment preparations for textile printing.

  • Tecoprint Yellow BD
  • Tecoprint Ocher BD
  • Tecoprint Red BD
  • Tecoprint Royal Blue BD
  • Tecoprint Black BD