TEXTILCOLOR - a young company with textile tradition.

The name “Zöbisch” has been synonymous with successful activities in textile production for many generations.

The founder of TEXTILCOLOR, Mr. Hans Zöbisch, is a descendent of a renowned family of textile manufacturers. His great-grandfather, Heinrich Robert Zöbisch, established a company for curtain and lace finishing in Plauen, Germany in the year 1855, which later became the company Robert Zöbisch Söhne.

1978 Foundation of TEXTILCOLOR AG in Buchs, Switzerland
1979 Foundation of TEXTILCOLOR GmbH in Reutlingen, Germany
1981- 1991 Expansion: new production facilities; new production plant; new warehouses; new administration and laboratory building at the new company property in Sevelen, Switzerland
 1990 Foundation of TEXTILCOLOR HOLDING AG with subsidiaries:
1994 Renewal of the exhaust air cleaning system
1995/96 Certification of the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001; installation and start-up of the first waste water treatment plant in Switzerland, working according to the “Biomembrat” method; installation and start-up of the dry chemical formulation technology
1997 Construction of new laboratories for the Research & Development department together with the creation of the instrumental analysis department
1998 Construction of a new central energy station with the latest exhaust technology
1999 Modernisation of the production and filling facilities leading to an increase in production capacity
2000 Increase in the capacity of the synthesis section; construction of new social and training rooms; further development and extension of safety systems for the operation of reactors working under pressure; certification of the environmental management system according to the norm EN ISO 14001
2001 Start-up of the new refrigeration technology (recovery of the cooling water); introduction of the state-of-the art production process control system; construction of new internal workshops; introduction of the high pressure homogenising technology; extension and modernisation of the waste water treatment plant; installation of new reactors and mixing vessels
2002 Building of a second production hall with two reactors equipped with pharmaceutical-quality vitreous enamel and the biggest and most modern high pressure homogeniser in Switzerland; computerised process control system and a fire alarm system
2003 Change to environmentally friendly natural gas while still maintaining the option of using mineral oil
2004- 2006 Construction of new administrative building and modernisation of the IT infrastructure
2007 Modernisation of the waste water treatment plant; installations of precautionary fire protection systems; expansion and modernisation of the instrumental analytics in the development and quality assurance departments
2008 Foundation of TEXTILCOLOR MAROC S.A.R.L. in Casablanca, Morocco and TEXTILCOLOR AG in Schaan, Liechtenstein
2010 Foundation of COOO TEXTILCOLOR in Minsk, Belarus as well as TEXTILCOLOR TEKSTIL KIMYASALLARI San. ve Tic. Ltd. in Istanbul, Turkey; installation of new production machinery; installations to upgrade the waste water treatment; modernisation and expansion of the machinery and the analytical testing methods in development, technical service and quality assurance departments
2011 Expansion and modernisation of the IT infrastructure, instrument upgrade of the quality assurance and expansion of the testing methods, installation of a loading bay for loading of sea freight containers
2012 Renewal and expansion of metrological equipment of the technical service department, extension of the instrumental analytics, improvement of the infrastructure in the production
2013 Modernisation measures and extension in the analytics and quality assurance divisions, machines for care and maintenance, apparatuses and technical equipment for the technical service department, electronic documentation for dangerous goods and load securing, investment in a potential expansion of the company premises
2014 Extension of the production facilities for high-viscous product formulation with explosion protection and suction, modernisation of the process automation
2015 Entire renewal of the labelling and marking system, modernisation of the fire alarm system
2016 Management transfer to Detlef Fischer, the new shareholder in TEXTILCOLOR AG
2017 "We sure know textiles" - Launch of the new strategy and its implementation
2018 Capacity expansion in the area of Technical Service with the extension of physical-technical laboratory, construction of a digital printing laboratory inclusive production technikum in the Research & Development Department, comprehensive investments in analytical equipment in the area of Analytics
2019 Foundation of Sevotex Chemicals India Privat Limited, India; Modernization in the field of analytics - procurement of a modern GC-MS as well as new investments in a new plant for the production of coating pastes; Expansion in the field of logistics, investment in a new logistics and delivery center; Renewal and expansion of  infrastructure in the area of technical service as well as in the commercial area; Change and expansion of the management - Hans-Peter Waibel becomes the new CFO of Textilcolor AG and Corinna Fischer, Head of Sales, is a new member of the management; Now we are delivering to over 47 countries worldwide
2020 Opening of the new logistics and delivery center
Development and launch of the Textilcolor App
2021 Corinna Fischer, member of the management since 2019, becomes the new COO / Head of Sales at Textilcolor AG
Implementation of a new sales structure. Wolfgang Haberl and Thorsten Sick have taken on their new position as Sales Directors
Laboratory expansion in the field of finishing and coating as well as construction of a new technical center
Capacity expansion in the area of logistics / warehouse expansion with a new sliding shelf system
2022 Introduction of a new company logo with new design standards
Foundation of a new subsidiary, TEXTILCOLOR Italia SpA
Investment in recycled drums with 80% recyclate
2023 Celebration of the 45th anniversary with guests and employees
Foundation of Textilcolor Brasil LTDA based in Itajai
Foundation of Textilcolor Turkey Kimya based in Istanbul