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TC Wash & Care

Care for machines and textiles

Advantages and features:

  • Products remove dirt and prevent resoiling
  • Reliable removal of even oily soiling and preparations that are difficult to remove
  • Maintains the installations during permanent use
  • Proactively prevents soiling
  • Removes deposits in pipes and collecting basins


Alviron GBU

Lavan 150

Lavan ANW

Lavan CW

Lavan C-HY

Lavan N-HY

Lavan OLKC

Lavan O-HY

Lavan SDC

Losin OCB

Losin OCB-O

Losin O-HY

Losin OC-HY

Losin T

Seventin N-50

Sevocomb CLY-D

Tecotex FTK

Tecotex MR