Corporate Business Principles

Environmental and Quality Policy 

competent – friendly – flexible – colorful - environmentally neutral – safe


Guidelines towards:


  • We work together – with pleasure, enthusiasm and passion for our company
  • We are actively involved. We are curious. We are optimistic.
  • We are ambitious. We are courageous. We decide.
  • We are respectful. We trust. We support each other. We are honest and sincere.
  • We are responsible. We keep our promises. We like to study and extend our knowledge.
  • We have the relevant qualifications.


  • We understand the needs of our customers and therefore the needs of your clients.
  • We produce products with an added value, generating an advantage for our customers.
  • We produce products with an impressive functionality.
  • We commit ourselves to quality and product safety without compromise.
  • We bring color to our customers and create vibrant and emotional experiences.
  • Our products are designed to be the safest and environmentally friendly in use by our customers.


  • We build and maintain partnerships with our customers.
  • We grow with our clients sustainably and we are a future-oriented company.
  • We are a dynamic partner with constructive and innovative solutions and we are constantly developing new products.
  • We comply with our agreements and keep our promises regarding quality, costs and deadlines.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We support our clients regarding further questions such as wastewater, exhaust air, health, safety, textile standard requests.


  • We collaborate with competent and innovative partners.
  • We find best solutions through continuous Know-How-Transfer in a constructive dialogue.
  • We fulfil expectations regarding quality, costs and deadlines.


  • We plan and act for the long-term, sustainably and profitably.
  • We are willing to take calculated and far-sighted risks.

Society and environment

  • We take a stand and make a contribution to solve current issues which are of importance for your business.
  • We are independent in terms of politics, religion and ethnic origin and we act lawfully.
  • We are obliged in our business to conserve resources and improve our energy efficiency. We are committed to
    continuously improving our environmental performance.
  • We are aware of our binding obligations and comply with them.

Sevelen, February 2023                                                                                   Detlef Fischer, CEO