Consulting and Service031

Not only do we supply you with our products, but we are also a reliable long-term partner for your business. We use our creativity to help you develop solutions and set up efficient systems. Our focus is on resolving the multitude of challenges facing the textile chain. We work together with you to solve the problems of the future.

Our applications engineering, product development and product safety are there to support you, as is our team of employees in over 40 countries around the world. 

Our know-how - your advantage

We can help you to achieve your aims faster and more reliably, with innovations tailored to your individual needs. The market demands constant research and development. With our specialist laboratories in Sevelen we are always one step ahead and delight in helping our clients to achieve their goals.

It’s the result that counts, and our result is well-engineered technology developed in collaboration with our clients. Come and join us – we look forward to working with you.

The research and development laboratory in Sevelen is fitted with the latest equipment. Our experts devise quick and efficient concepts and solutions for your problems. We help you to produce high quality in a way that is both economical and safe.

Quality - in line with the environment

Our textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs are high-tech chemicals of premium quality:

  • highly effective
  • ecological – complying with the highest international standards
  • made of standardised raw materials
  • produced by qualified employees in accurately controlled process steps
  • each single batch is checked
  • We are happy to train you and your employees on site, helping them to master their daily tasks.