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ecodye – the economically and ecologically best PES dyeing process:

  • 30% shorter process time
  • 25% lower water consumption
  • 20% lower energy consumption
  • 50% lower reject rate
  • 100% better process and process reliability

In comparison to the standard process for dyeing and finishing of polyester yarns and piece goods, the specially developed auxiliary concept accelerates the dyeing process by more than 30% and reduces water consumption due to the one-bath dyeing system.

Standard process for the dyeing and finishing
of PES-yarns

ecodye Grafik 1 EN

Heating rate 3°C/min. up to 80°C, following 1°C/min.
to 130°C; dyeing for 30 min. at 130°C

ecodye rapid dyeing process (one-bath dyeing and
finishing of PES-yarns)

ecodye Grafik 2 EN

Heating rate 5°C/min. up to 130°C, dyeing for 30 min.
at 130°C

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Study: Development of a rapid dyeing process on the basis of a new dyeing auxiliary, final report AZ 29947, supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation)

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