TC Tecofix Magic PR Grafik EN Tecofix Magic KRF Dyestuffs are highly concentrated, polyfunctional Reactive Dyestuffs for dyeing cellulosic fibers in exhaust- and continue process, as well as in printing.
Advantages and properties:
  • Very high degrees of fixation
  • Very high colour strength
  • Form only a small amount of hydrolysate during the dyeing process
  • Very easy to wash out
  • In many cases water can be saved
  • High reproducibility
  • Low sensitivity to fluctuations in the dyeing parameters
  • Particularly in the case of dark colors, significantly less dyestuff is required which also has a positive effect on the salt and alkali quantities to be used
  • Universally useable in exhaust-, continue-, cold-pad-batch- and printing processes
  • high Wet-fastness-level
  • In case of using Lavan RND, the soaping temperature can be decreased massive